By making the reservation you accept the following conditions

You must present at the door both the identity document or passport of the holder and the credit card that was used to make the payment. Otherwise access to the event will be refused without the right to any refund.

Check-in starts 1H before departure and closes 15 min before departure, you are at the place indicated on our main page. You must first check-in to exchange the ticket for a bracelet. Returns are not accepted in the event that the client has not performed the check-in during its opening hours.

The promoter reserves the right of admission to the venue and / or event.

The illegal reselling (or attempted illegal reselling) of a ticket constitutes a cause for the seizure or cancellation of said ticket without refund or any other type of compensation.

A ticket cannot be used for advertising, promotions, contests or betting, unless the company promoting the event grants formal written authorization.

The use of trademarks or any other intellectual property of Hola Rhenia will also be subject to the express consent of the owner of the marks.

This ticket is issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the Event Promoter. All details are available at the registered office: Agia Sofia, Kouka street, 84600 Μυκονοσ, Greece.

Violation of any of these rules and regulations, or any other unacceptable act that may cause damage, prejudice or wrong, will entitle the venue or the Event Promoter to expel the user from the venue. The consumption of narcotic substances and / or drunkenness before entering the ship will be grounds for immediate expulsion without the right to refund the money.

The company will not be responsible for any loss or theft of tickets. The Venue and Event Promoter are not responsible for any personal belongings.

Ticket holders consent to video and sound recording as part of the public for marketing purposes and could be publish or distributed accordingly.

The dissemination and / or public sharing of any type of multimedia content obtained at any of our events is subject to prior approval by us.

Commission for cancellation of reservations. The cancellation by the passenger of the reservation will have no penalty if the cancellation is made between the date of purchase and the 72 hours prior to departure. After this period, the penalty will be 100% of the ticket.

The contracting conditions of each of the services or products (prices, availability, conditions of modification or cancellation, etc.) are those established by the service providers in each case (hotels, agencies, web portals and / or any other point of sale different from that of the promoter) and by the special conditions established by the promoter of the event as organizer and / or commission agent.

Date changes will be accepted as long as it is notified 15 days before the departure of the event for which the acquisition was made. No management fees will be charged.

In those cases in which the bad sea does not allow the departure of the ship and upon prior notification by the company, the clients will be informed of the change in the date of the event or the entrance fee will be refunded.

In those cases in which the bad sea does not allow the performance of water sports, there will be no reason to proceed with the partial / total refund.

In those cases in which the company cannot perform the service due to technical problems that prevent its departure, clients will be informed of the change in the date of the event or the entry fee will be refunded.

The images may not correspond to reality, and the information may vary slightly from the final product.

You agree to have read and understood well that they include all the products and their characteristics. It will not be a reason for reimbursement that the client thinks that a service was given and is not announced on the product page.

The schedules and itineraries are approximate and may vary without prior notice due to weather conditions and / or causes beyond the control of the event promoter. All these terms and conditions are governed by Greek law and any conflict arising from any transaction with the developer will be subject only to the jurisdiction of the Greek Courts.

Any of the previous clauses that is null or contrary to the Law, will be considered as unenforceable, subtracting the others in force and with full effectiveness for the parties.

You must wear face mask in order to access the event, otherwise you will not be able to join the event. People who do not comply with the Greek legislation on COVID-19 will not be entitled to any refund. We can save lifes.